Aleini and Michelle were a fantastic pair to work with for our wedding. When it first started and I thought I had all the big stuff figured out, they helped me realize all the things I hadn't thought of. There were so many details I considered 'small', and had they not brought them to my attention and discussed them with me they could have turned into big disasters day of. They came up with so many affordable and cute little touches I could add to make our day more personal. I was living in Georgia and my wedding was in Houston and they were extremely helpful with reaching out to and following up with all of the vendors. They always made time to meet with me when I came in from out town. They also were easily reached through text, email, and FaceTime. My biggest concern of planning this wedding long distance evaporated once they became a part of the process. The most important thing they did however was the day-of coordinating. They made sure everything and everyone was in place. They allowed me to be able to enjoy just hanging out and getting ready in the bridal suite without getting stressed over whatever little issues came up (it is a wedding with a lot of moving parts. Things WILL come up. You just need someone that can handle those things!) They were everywhere at the wedding without having a big or obtrusive presence. They were literally the best duo to work in the background while making our wedding run smooth and beautifully. Whatever issue came up, they handled it quickly. Most of the issues in fact I didn't even hear about until after I returned from my honeymoon, and it was my mom that told me! All in all I highly recommend Grandiose Events. I don't know how my wedding would have been without them being a part of it. I am extremely thankful to them for all they did!  ~Saschelle




The best advice, our father always told us that after he died he wanted us to celebrate his life by having a big party. We’re originally from New Orleans, and it’s just what you do. Sadly and quite unexpectedly, our father recently died and just before he took his last breath, he reminded us to celebrate his life. It was a great life. We were sad, as you could imagine, and we thought “how can we plan a ‘party’ under these circumstances?” It didn’t feel right and a dear friend said we need to let Grandiose Events do the planning, which was the best advice!!! In less than 10 days, Grandiose Events put together the party of a lifetime, and one that we know made our Dad extremely happy. Not only did it include his favorite New Orleans cuisine, it included a Dixieland Jazz band that sounded as if they were straight out of Preservation Hall. The decorations were perfect, the venue felt like we were in the heart of New Orleans, and the service we got from Grandiose Events was above and beyond anything we ever dreamed of or even expected. We didn’t have to worry about a single thing. They did it all from beginning to end and we got to enjoy the party and celebrate our dad’s life exactly how he wanted us to and we continue to celebrate his life. Grandiose Events, impressively, also stayed within our budget and didn’t spend a penny more. We will always be so thankful to this company for taking the load off of us and for planning one of the most important events of our lifetime. We know they were heaven sent! We highly recommend that you let Grandiose Events plan your next occasion, big or small. Take it from us; you’ll be so happy you did! ~The Gaudet Family


Grandiose Events put together a baby shower for me and some girlfriends. Everything was absolutely perfect! They threw a rainbow baby shower for my friend (celebrating a baby after the loss of a miscarriage) and everything from the food to the perfect decor made this an event that me and my friends will never forget. The mom to be even came up to me with tears in her eyes and told me that after this event she felt like she can now really get excited about this baby even though she suffered an unimaginable loss. Words can not express how grateful I am to Grandiose Events! ~Ann Thompson


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! You guys are amazing. I never felt one ounce of stress the whole day of my wedding day! It was the best day of my life and I'm so glad you guys were there to help!! ~ Jessica